Triangle South Workforce Board


Our Staff

Rosalind Cross

Rosalind Cross

Director of Workforce Development and WIOA Programs

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The Director carries out the agenda of the Triangle South Workforce Development Board by providing management and oversight to operational activities of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, to include (1) supervision of WIOA program operations and operations staff; (2) management of departmental budgeting and finances. The Director assesses and evaluates service delivery strategies and service provider outcomes; leads efforts to implement innovative and effective programs and services in keeping with state and federal policy direction; and prepares policies according to WIOA law and other operations activities. In cooperation with staff and workforce development board committees, the Director develops WIOA Requests for Proposals, reviews proposal submissions, recommends selection of service providers, and develops and oversees implementation of contracts. The Directors also serves as the lead contact with programmatic and administrative monitors and auditors from state and federal agencies.

Adena Mitchell

Adena Cosby

Performance and Communications Coordinator/Accountability Specialist

(919) 777-7797 |

The Performance and Communications Coordinator/Accountability Specialist serves as the "Super User" for the Local Area, and is responsible for monitoring and analyzing data in NCWorks Online. The Performance and Communications Coordinator is responsible for monitoring performance and serves as a liaison with the contractors to ensure that performance measures are met.

Mrs. Mitchell serves as the Equal Opportunity Officer.

Dottie Cieciorka

Dottie Cieciorka

Fiscal Coordinator

(919) 718-7251 |

The Fiscal Coordinator is responsible for reviewing, auditing, and coding program expenditures and contractor budgets. The Fiscal Coordinator, in conjunction with the Triangle South Board, creates and tracks the annual budget for availability and expenditure of funds for the WIOA programs.

Angela Nicholson

Angela Nicholson

Youth Services Coordinator

(919) 777-7712 |

The WIOA Youth Services Coordinator plans, organizes, and coordinates youth and young adult activities throughout the Local Area. The Youth Services Coordinator is responsible for providing oversight and monitoring to the youth program operators for program compliance, and helps to coordinate the activities of the Standing Youth Committee.

Jessica Ingram

Jessica Ingram

Business Engagement Coordinator

(919) 777-7721 |

The Business Engagement Coordinator (BEC) serves as a liaison between NCWorks Career Center staff and businesses for work-based learning opportunities. The BEC meets with area businesses to assess workforce needs, identify resources, and discuss appropriate services that can be provided by the Triangle South Workforce Development Board, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act programs and other NCWorks Career Center programs and partners, to include incumbent worker targeted grant programs.

Mike Peluso

Mike Peluso

WIOA Business Services Coordinator

(919) 777-7725 |

The WIOA Business Services Coordinator (BSC) builds connections between private and public-sector businesses and the workforce development system. The BSC is responsible for enhancing working relationships between the Board and area business, economic development, and the NCWorks Career Centers. The BSC helps businesses to identify workforce needs while promoting a culture of continuous improvement and customer service. The position also provides oversight the On the Job Training (OJT) Program and Incumbent Worker grants.